Super Station is a set which allows items from the TrackMaster, Adventures, MINIS, and Wooden Railway/Wood ranges to be used together.


The Super Station features a universal track system compatible with several ranges and can be set up in four configurations: Single Racetrack, Duel Racetrack, Compact Track, and Micro Layout. Tidmouth Sheds, Cranky, and the risers feature several hooks and spaces to place vehicles. The set can store up to 100 vehicles. The set also contains track adapters to connect to TrackMaster, Adventures, and Wooden Railway track.


  • TrackMaster Thomas with sparks and Orange Truck
  • Adventures Percy
  • MINIS James with steam
  • Harold
  • Two Crate Pieces
  • Two Barrel Pieces
  • Brendam Docks one way layout with Cranky and Cargo Lift
  • Tidmouth Sheds with Turntable circuit layout
  • Sodor Search and Rescue Center Helipad
  • Knapford Station Tunnel Base
  • Sodor Steamworks Tunnel Base
  • Sodor Dieselworks Tunnel Base
  • Blue Mountain Quarry Tunnel Riser with Owen
  • Three Green Legs
  • Five Riser Pieces
  • Two Blue Ramps
  • Two Blue Slope Pieces
  • Ten feet of track
  • TrackMaster track adapters
  • Adventures track adapters
  • Wooden Railway track adapters